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The Heathen Hangout FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Question No. 3

What does the Heathen Hangout aim to be, and what doesn't it aim to be?

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The Heathen Hangout strives to be a good private community with extra public subforums, based on ethical grounds, which is primarily a social club but also strives to provide an intellectually stimulating atmosphere without being too abstruse.

The private fourms have more rigorous admittance criteria than the public overall board, but after the admittance criteria have been met, on the whole internally it has far looser rules of posting than many boards, which means almost paradoxically it has sometimes more wide-ranging discussions than most public-only discussion/debate boards, but in more good-natured ways.

The HH also does not aim to be an answer for every need, a be-all and end-all; it is assumed most members will also belong to other web-boards, and the HH does not attempt to substitute itself fo every other web-board that there is out there.

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