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The Heathen Hangout FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Please look throuh the FAQ, and see if your question is already answered; if there is no answer there to your question, or if you are not satisfied with the answer given, please write an email to the Heathen Hangout Admin, and you will be answered as soon as possible.

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1) What is the Heathen Hangout?

2) What does the Heathen Hangout provide?

3) What does the Heathen Hangout aim to be, and what doesn't it aim to be?

4) Is the Heathen Hangout for atheists only?

5) Why is it for nontheists only?

6) Is nontheism the only criterion for membership?

7) Is it really ethically OK to have a private club for nontheists only?

8) What are the rules of the Heathen Hangout inside?

9) Why do you have those particular links to other web-boards on your front index page? How can I get a link on your pages ?

10) How can I join the Heathen Hangout?

11) I was previously a member of the Heathen Hangout a long time ago, but I only just checked in now, and my account has been deactivated; why?

12) I applied for membership of the Heathen Hangout, but I never got admittance nor did I get any notification as to the reason; why was that ?

13) Who can I ask for more information about the Heathen Hangout?

14) But you exist only as a secret place for atheists to talk about other people on other web-boards, isn't that right?

15) Who owns the Heathen Hangout board and site? Who pays for it all? Who makes all these rules?

16) How can I help with the financial costs of the upkeep of the Heathen Hangout?

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To make donations for the costs and upkeep of this site, please use the below PayPal button, thanks:

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